CiviClick, a CiviTech Company

  • CiviClick is the result of more than 20 years combined experience in software development and technological services in the public sector
  • CiviClick was born with the firm intention of helping public and private sector organizations to connect more directly with its community of users or citizens
  • To achieve this goal, CiviClick continues to improve and develop new solutions to enable the citizens of any local, regional or national government, including the users of any service or product in a company, to easily resolve their informative demands with a simple “CiviClick”
  • CiviClick, a division of Arte Consultores


CiviClick Alerta

Reporting and tracking platform for any important event in your community

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CiviClick Vigilancia

Platform for visualizing public works and improving government accountability

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Cloud Solutions

Focus on delivering value to your users and leave the IT infrastructure to CiviClick!!. Enjoy a personalized environment and offer value-added services to your users in just a few days. We can also implement these solutions to your IT infrastructure based on your preference


We grow with you. Our solutions are designed with microservices architecture philosophy, allowing us to grow based on your demands or those of your user community


All CiviClick solutions integrate with the top social networks on the market, which you can turn on or off at your convenience


All CiviClick solutions incorporate geolocation functions. These functions can be turned on or off by both users and administrators


All CiviClick solutions implement smart business functions to help you develop your personal organizational charts or use the ones by default


All CiviClick solutions are crafted for mobility with a responsive design, and in many cases, it is supported by mobile versions of solutions that can be tailored to a specific use


All CiviClick solutions are designed to interact with other systems through various information exchange systems, such as APIs, REst, etc.


CiviClick solutions are designed to adapt to all types of organizations irrespective of their size. Do not hesitate to contact us or one of our partners to learn more about our pricing policies


CiviClick solutions are easily adaptable to any language that may be required


CiviClick solutions is supported by push notifications, which allow easy access to your users or citizens similarly to the Whatsapp platform


We are looking for Partners!!

At CiviClick we are committed to a business model based on the establishment of agreements with technology partners that allow us to develop joint projects at a national and international level

Win-Win Relationship

As our partner, you will be able to deliver our solutions under the CiviClick seal or as a private label through customized rebranding. Also, your clients will continue to be your clients if that is your desire

No Initial Expenditure

There is no expenditure or royalty payment required at the start of our collaborative efforts

New Solutions

QWe want to hear your ideas and create new products. We want to fine-tune our current platform or provide specific developments with your collaboration

Innovative Solutions

A catalog of innovative products will be at your fingertips, including innovative services, and state-of-the-art technology at competitive prices

Technological Resources

We will support you in the sales process, putting our development servers at your disposal including applications to perform demonstrations, help and support, etc.

Transparent Pricing Policies

From the first moment of our collaboration, you will know the cost of our solutions, which will continue unchanged unless otherwise agreed to between both parties

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What our clients say about us

Thanks to CiviClick Forms, I have helped my organization to integrate the paperwork management process into all our systems
CiviClick Alert has helped us to make more efficient use of the recycling process thanks to citizen collaboration
Transparency is essential to us. The CiviClick Monitoring program helps us to collaborate with our citizens and keep them informed at the same time

Let's talk!

Whether you're a potential customer, partner, user or even a chatbot, we will be happy to contact you to resolve any doubts or respond to any questions you may have about our solutions.